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Last revised 5 April 2024.


To cite the project:

Unlocking the Mary Hamilton Papers. Project team: Hannah Barker, Sophie Coulombeau, David Denison, Tino Oudesluijs, Cassandra Ulph, Christine Wallis and Nuria Yáñez-Bouza, University of Manchester. Project funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council (2019-2023, Ref. AH/S007121/1),


To cite the edition:

The Mary Hamilton Papers (c.1740-c.1850). Compiled by David Denison, Nuria Yáñez-Bouza, Tino Oudesluijs, Cassandra Ulph, Christine Wallis, Hannah Barker and Sophie Coulombeau, University of Manchester, 2019-2023.


To cite the search engine:

The Mary Hamilton Papers. Prepared for indexing in CQPweb by Sebastian Hoffmann with the assistance of David Denison, 2022-2023, version 10 November 2023. CQPweb created and CQPweb server maintained by Andrew Hardie, UCREL, Lancaster University.