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Note by Mary Hamilton

Diplomatic Text

This scrap of paper states that Miss Gunnings
friendship and correspondence commenced
                             in 1779

Miʃs Gunnings friendship & correspondence
began in ye. year 1779

Miss Gunning signed herself sometimes as
Astrea & Miss Hamilton as Miranda and they
so addressed one another.

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Normalised Text

Miss Gunnings friendship & correspondence
began in the year 1779

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Library References

Repository: John Rylands Research Institute and Library, University of Manchester

Archive: Mary Hamilton Papers

Item title: Note by Mary Hamilton

Shelfmark: HAM/1/15/1/1(1)

Document Details

Author: Mary Hamilton

Date: n.d.

Summary: This note states that Hamilton and Gunning began their friendship and correspondence in 1779.

Length: 1 sheet, 10 words

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Editorial declaration: First edited in the project 'Unlocking the Mary Hamilton Papers' (Hannah Barker, Sophie Coulombeau, David Denison, Tino Oudesluijs, Cassandra Ulph, Christine Wallis & Nuria Yáñez-Bouza, 2019-2023).

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Acknowledgements: Transcription and XML version created as part of project 'Unlocking the Mary Hamilton Papers', funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council under grant AH/S007121/1.

Transliterator: Tino Oudesluijs, editorial team (completed 13 October 2020)

Cataloguer: Lisa Crawley, Archivist, The John Rylands Library

Cataloguer: John Hodgson, Head of Special Collections, John Rylands Research Institute and Library

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Revision date: 28 April 2023

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